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Living in any block of apartments can put certain safety measures out of your control. As your managing agent (PPM), we want to keep you informed and protected.

Here you can access essential fire safety information for your block along with general news and updates. By registering you gain access to this key information, can update your contact details and report issues to us.

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Let’s keep In Touch…

PPM In Touch has been created so that Premier Property Management and Maintenance Ltd (PPM) can share important safety information with residents of the blocks we manage. Now more than ever, living in a higher-risk building comes with added risk and awareness. Residents need to know more about the building they live in and the features that keep it safe or in some cases, don’t.

Why do we need a portal?

The Building Safety Regulator aims to ensure higher-risk buildings are designed, built, and maintained effectively and safely. There are several regulations and Acts that Accountable Person(s) must follow to keep residents safe. Part of this is to keep all residents informed and aware which led to this portal.

Where managing agents like PPM used to have relationships with their clients (leaseholders and freeholders), this now needs to extend to all occupants including tenants in rented apartments. The PPM In Touch portal aims to offer all occupiers a transparent view of their apartment block’s status, including fire strategies, maintenance issues, statutory testing, certification, and faults.

What about my block?

PPM In Touch is starting in high-rise buildings where communication and the ability to share emergency information is essential. However, any residents of blocks PPM manage can sign up and you will have full access as soon as the portal becomes available for your block.

Why should I register?

By registering, you have full access to your apartment block’s information. You will be able to report issues, contact your PPM property manager and see updates on maintenance as well as other news affecting your block. You will also be able to update your emergency contact information, key holder details and communication preferences.

Each registration will go through a manual approval process with PPM. This is to ensure only leaseholders and tenants have access to the block information and each user only has access to the information relevant to them. It also helps to keep all your data secure and protected.